Open Systems Interconnection model Seven Layers of Computer Networks

Inam Ullah Khan, Faheem Numan, Shaheen Ahmad


The open System Interconnection show interconnection endeavors at the International Organization a correspondences framework into littler parts called layers. A layer is an accumulation of theoretically comparable capacities that give administrations to the layer above it and gets administrations from the layer underneath it. On every layer an occasion gives administrations to the cases at the layer above and demands benefit from the layer underneath. For instance, a layer that gives blunder free correspondences over a system gives the way required by applications above it, while it calls the following lower.


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. Inam Ullah khan and Muhammad abulhassan

Network layer attacks mechanisms in MANETS-A Survey IJRCCT VOl 5 ,ISSUE-6 June 2016

Engr. Alamgir Safi , Inam Ullah Khan , Muhammad Abul Hassan , Engr. Muhammad Asghar Mobile Ad hoc networks in the Global system of Interconnected Computer Networks IJSEAT, Vol. 4, Issue 9 ISSN 2321-6905 September -2016

Inam Ullah Khan, Faheem Numan, Shaheen Ahmad Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Challenges IJSEAT, Vol. 4, Issue 9 ISSN 2321-6905 September -2016

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