Vol 5, No 4 (2017)

July- August

Table of Contents


A Public Key Cryptosystem For Managing A Large Number Of Cloud Services PDF [Full Text]
A. Anuradha, K.Naga Divya Devi 103-106
Rating Prediction and a Bi-Clustering Model for a Domain Detection PDF [Full Text]
A. Anuradha, K. Priyanka 107-109
Rank Ordering Of The Nodes Based On A Congestion Measure PDF [Full Text]
A. Anuradha, G. Nagamallika, M. Naga Raju 110-113
A Dynamic Code Book Updating Method By Optimizing Resultant Code Book And Relevance Information PDF [Full Text]
A. Anuradha, J. Veeramalleswara Rao 114-117
Data Partition and a Global Consensus Regularizer to Mitigate the Risk Of Over Fitting PDF [Full Text]
A. Anuradha, T.Udaya Lakshmi Aditya, P. Naga Devi 118-120
A User Specified Minimum Utility Threshold In Data Mining PDF [Full Text]
A. Anuradha, G. Naga Mallika, P. Santhoshi 121-123
A Hierarchical Clustering Method to Develop Efficient And Reliable Ciphertext Search Techniques PDF [Full Text]
A. Anuradha, T.Udaya Lakshmi Aditya, P. Satish 124-127
TPRN Method To Learn Users and Routes Travel Attribute PDF [Full Text]
A. Anuradha, B. Gowthami 128-131
Location Base Service Provider About k- Nearest Points On The Basis Of Current Location PDF [Full Text]
A. Anuradha, G. Suneetha 132-135
Q-Static to Evaluate the Performance of an FS Algorithm With Classifier PDF [Full Text]
A. Anuradha, Ch. Balaveera, T.Geetha Devi 136-139
An Authenticated Framework for Data Security in the Cloud Computing PDF [Full Text]
K D L Prasanna Pentapati, K. Ravi Kumar 140-145
Personalized Image Search From Photo Sharing Websites Using RMTF PDF [Full Text]
Siramdasu Usha Baby, Satti Vijaya Krishna Reddy 146-152
Soft Biometrics for Subject Identification Using Clothing Attributes PDF [Full Text]
Parakulam Sharon Priya Harika, K. Ravi Kumar 153-158
Mining Facets For Queries From Their Search Results Automatically PDF [Full Text]
P. Sridevi 159-163

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