Vol 4, No 6 (2016)

November- December

Table of Contents


Traffic Prioritization using Adaptive Quality of Service in Urban Vehicular Network PDF [Full Text]
Divisha Poonia, Satvir Bajwa 376-381
A Color, Texture and Shape Based Hybrid Approach for Clothing Retrieval Techniques PDF [Full Text]
Partima Chaudhary, Sakshi Sharma 382-387
The Accomplishment of HACE Theorem for Large Datasets in Big Data PDF [Full Text]
N.V.V.S Narayana, Ch Subhash 388-394
The Enriched Security Mechanism for Efficient Data Sharing in Various Groups PDF [Full Text]
Dasari Anjali, Nalli.Sujatha kumari 395-400
The Secured Multi Keyword Search over Encrypted Cloud Data for Efficient Data Exploitation PDF [Full Text]
Neranthara Venkatesan, K Ravi Kumar 401-406
The Transformation of Secured Images on Social Networking Sites Using A3P PDF [Full Text]
Gurugubelli Ramesh, B. Krishna 407-411
The Augmented Source Routing Protocol for Multi-hop Wireless Ad-hoc Network using E STAR PDF [Full Text]
K Vijaya, P Chaitanya Vandavasu 412-417
Consistent File Allocation consuming Audit Services with Deduplication in Cloud Storage PDF [Full Text]
Pendima Santosh Kumar, P Chaitanya Vandavasu 418-424
Ensuring Distributed Data Discovery by Providing High Security in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF [Full Text]
Sharan Kumar Vaddadi, B Krishna 425-431
Comparison of GFDM and OFDM with respect of SER, PSD and PAPR PDF [Full Text]
Muhammad Sameen, Inam Ullah Khan, Nazia Azim 432-438
Interconnected Computer Networks Security and Internet of Things: Wireless Sensor Networks PDF [Full Text]
Inam Ullah Khan, Nazia Azim, Syed Bilal Hussain Shah, Yin Fuliang, Muhammad Sameen 439-444

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